Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomorrow is Gonna SUCK!

I've had my morning fill of caffeine, so no worries this morning. Now, on to the post.

I'm dreading tomorrow. That's right peeps, I'm dreading tomorrow. I'm also excited about tomorrow. The new iPhone 4 is being released. I wouldn't be dreading it so damn much if we had gotten our phones pre-ordered...but noooooooo, Apple's website was totally hammered with traffic, so it was down...and their phone lines were even worse. Hours and hours were wasted on the phone trying to pre-order, and in the end...FAILURE.  FAIL.COM. No pre-order for us.

Now, we have to wait in the lines with the masses of losers people that didn't pre-order. Our plan is to get in line early...I'm not telling what time, b/c I WILL be in line before YOU. We WILL get phones tomorrow! Do you hear me? WE WILL GET OUR PHONES TOMORROW!!!! You can't hold us back. You won't hold us back. Shoot.

Alright, feeling a little better since I got that off of my chest. So, I'll be in line tomorrow, waiting to get my phone. I'll be cranky, tired, and annoyed...but I'll have my coffee in hand, so it'll be alright!


  1. Good luck! I may get one when my contract is up but right now I am just sticking with my 3g. I hope you are able to get one

  2. When is your contract up? In 2010? Apple is saying that if you are eligible for an upgrade anytime in 2010, they will let you have the upgrade price now.

  3. October. We can't afford it right now with my medical treatment and all. My parents will do the upgrade for my birthday present probably

  4. Plus on top of my treatment we just had to pay $1400 to get our van fixed

  5. Ooooh, what happened to the van? I didn't know anything was wrong with it.

  6. It all happened at once. Alignment, oil change, brakes, something with under carriage or something, and new tires.


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